Welcome to the Athenia official Buycraft store!  Here you will find a varity of packages to help improve your gaming experience on our server.  All players are welcome to browse the store without feeling any sort of obligation to make a purchase.  However, to those who enjoy the work we do to ensure a positive and engaging server environment, and wish to extend a financial thank you, here is the place to do so while also gaining yourself a little in-game reward.   Below you can find a little about our main team of staff and how they got to where they are now.


We at Athenia strive to provide the best gameplay exeperience possible for all of our players.  As a result, we require funds to help pay for development on new features, plugins as well as our server expenses.

While we never want to force our players to feel like they have to donate, running Athenia does cost money.  We ask that any player who wishes to donate to show their support, or to help Athenia grow to the next level, consider donating to help us grow Athenia to the next level.

As a thank you for all of your donations, once the community goal has been reached, we will give all players who are online at the time, a free Survival, Miner and Elite package on us.


For users wishing to make a purchase on the store, be sure to read over our Terms & Conditions prior to your purchase.  Failure to do so, is at the fault of no one else but the party who failed to educate themselves.  For purchases that do not arrive in 5-60 minutes, you should click here to begin the process of moving your goods into your inventory. 

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